The poem “Who Is she?” Is taken from my book ‘The First Steps’ page no. 47.

She is simple, sober and compliant,

Easily disappointed but works and works like an ant,

She has a locked mind and is in search of the key,

It is for you to guess who is she!

She tries to erase hatred from love and life,

But she is very careless and can’t meet a strife,

She is buttery and instantly melts like the ghee,

It is for you to guess who is she!

She loves colours and thinks of sky blue,

She likes to be with those who help her anew.

She chirps like a bird and buzzes like honeybee,

It is for you to guess who is she!

She hates who says all is grey and is like night.

Poem is what she loves to write,

Her thoughts are deep and vast like the sea

She is a poet, and it is me!

I guess the last line must be a bit surprising for you 😉 but that’s all right. Hope you liked the poetry and if so then let me know on the comment section below.

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Special thanks to:

  • Dr. John Xavier,
  • Shreya Dubey.
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